Water US 2015

Village Capital, in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation, the Community of Albuquerque, BSP Fund, the Tecovas Foundation, and New Belgium Family Foundation, announced its three-month program to support early-stage entrepreneurs solving major water and energy problems.

Water insecurity is a major problem around the world, including the United States. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, 750 million people lack access to clean water (about 2.5 times the US population). In the United States, the 2014 drought affected areas that produce one-third of US cattle and half our fruit, vegetables, and winter wheat. In addition, water used for irrigation and food production constitutes one of the greatest pressures on freshwater resources, and 2.5 billion gallons of water are contaminated each day because of oil and gas production in the US. This is the same amount of water that people consume worldwide. 

The Village Capital: Water US 2015 program will support entrepreneurs addressing these water insecurity issues through technology for the benefit of all individuals in the US and around the world.


Village Capital puts entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and stakeholders side-by-side, so they can solve problems together. The program consists of three intensive, four-day workshops over three months, during which Village Capital will provide the entrepreneurs with business development training to develop their financials, pitch, sales pipeline, and other aspects. Entrepreneurs will also have one-on-one time with mentors, industry experts, investors, top local business leaders, and potential customers. For more information, contact John Douglas at or Dorian Rader at


The workshops will take place on:

Workshop 1: July 15-18 (Albuquerque, NM)

Workshop 2: September 8-11 (Fort Collins, CO)

Rice Alliance Event: Sept 16-17 (Houston, TX)

Workshop 3: November 16-19 (Albuquerque, NM)

Venture Forum: November 18: RSVP and Learn More Here




Selected Ventures

Aquatricity (Louisville, Co) designs small-scale, on-site power systems to solve the world’s energy and water crises.

AQUEES (Bethesda, MD) helps large buildings reduce water usage and save money by offering a complete solution developed through input from property managers.

Brimes Energy (Holbrook, NY) sells capital machinery and maintenance contracts primarily for ocean wave energy harvesting and salt-water desalination.

Calientamigos (Berkeley, CA) is a portable shower system that heats and pressurizes water for families living without access to hot running water.

ecOasys (Albuquerque, NM) is focused on the design & development of conservation, regeneration, sustainability, and subsistence ecological systems from watershed to garden.

Emrgy Hydro (Atlanta, GA) delivers affordable hydropower in areas not currently considered for energy purposes.

Menon Laboratories (Somerville, MA) has developed a unique membrane filtration water treatment solution that addresses a big problem in the water and energy industry.

Ocean Pacific Technologies (Ventura, CA & Santa Fe, NM) designs, manufactures and markets a line of integrated, ceramic, water lubricated, axial piston pumps specifically designed for the desalination industry.

Remote Well Solutions (Cloudcroft, NM) focuses on the development of automated water production and distribution systems specifically engineered for the requirements of off-power grid applications.

Rorus (Pittsburgh, PA) creates personal water filters using new technology and proprietary design with applications in disaster relief, the military and outdoor recreation.

SimpleWater (Berkeley, CA) makes it easier for towns to access previously non-potable water supplies, water supplies that have been deemed too expensive to treat with existing small water system technology.

Welldone International (San Francisco, CA) builds remote monitoring tools that improve the reliability of rural infrastructure and the accountability of development projects.

Our Partners



BSP Fund

Invested Development is an impact investment management firm that believes innovative technology can contribute to the reduction of global poverty. Founded in 2009, ID is a leading innovator in early-stage financing for tech startups that are committed to serving the world’s underserved markets. In 2011, ID launched the BSP Fund, a seed-stage equity fund for mobile/ICT, alternative energy, and agricultural technology startups. 



New Belgium Family Foundation

The New Belgium Family Foundation seeks to honor the regenerative potential of business through meaningful investing, philanthropy and advocacy. Our grantmaking portfolio is complemented by a corpus 100% committed to impact investing, and direct investments into for- and non-profit organizations working in line with our program goals. They focus on renewable energy, sustainable food systems, alternative transportation, and youth engagement in Colorado, the Bay Area, and Washington State.




Rocky Mountain Innosphere

Innosphere is a nonprofit 501(c)3 incubator focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are building potential high-growth companies in cleantech, software, biosciences and digital health. Innosphere’s incubation program for startups focuses on mentoring, capital, strategy and growth. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, Innosphere has multiple locations across the state to better serve entrepreneurs and provide access to office and meeting space, and access to specialized test and demonstration equipment. Other locations include: Colorado State University; Denver at the INDUSTRY Denver building; and in Golden at the Colorado Center for Renewable Energy Economic Development (CREED), co-located with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


Kauffman Foundation

Established in the mid-1960s by the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Ewing Marion Kauffman, the Kauffman Foundation is based in Kansas City, Mo., and is among the largest private foundations in the United States with an asset base of approximately $2 billion. Focused on education and entrepreneurship, our vision is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens in their communities.


Tecovas Foundation

The Tecovas Foundation has been built upon a clear proposition. People have the capacity to solve their own problems; but they often don’t have access to the tools they need to make the change they seek. We are committed to funding access to solutions. The mission of the Tecovas Foundation is to support systemic social change by ensuring change agents have access to the tools they need to scale, collaborate, and build capacity.

 Abqdowntown.jpg Community of Albuquerque

Numerous partners within the Albuquerque Community have come together for this program. Those partners include: 

 Epicenter_logo.jpg EpiCenter @ Innovate ABQ
 goodman-realty-logo.jpg Goodman Realty Group
 Heritage-Hotels.jpg Heritage Hotels
 Jaynes.png Jaynes Corporation
 JCF.jpg Jewish Community Endowment Foundation
 new-mexico-gas-co.jpg New Mexico Gas Company
 Rodey.gif Rodey Law Firm
 Sutin.jpg Sutin, Thayer, and Browne
  Watergy Sourcing Group


Title: CEO
Employer: AppCityLife
Bio: Founder & CEO, APPCityLife | Cofounder, Hautepreneurs | Inc. Columnist | Huffington Post iconNEXT Contributor ... but mostly just me being me.

Title: Managing Director
Employer: ABQ Id
Bio: Managing Director at ABQid

Title: COO
Employer: Fat Pipe Accelerator
Bio: COO - Fat Pipe ABQ & The BioScience Center

Title: CEO of both
Employer: Dynamic Photonics & NM Israel Biz Exchange
Bio: CEO at Dynamic Photonics

Title: Village Capital Alumni
Employer: Growcentia
Bio: Plant-Microbe Rhizosphere Interactions - Soil Microbial Ecology - Biostimulants - Biogeochemistry

Title: Mentor & Advisor
Employer: SCORE & SBA
Bio: Chair & Business Mentor @ | Managing Partner @ | Board Advisor @ | US Air Force Veteran |

Title: CEO (and Venture Capitalist)
Employer: Lotus Leaf Coatings
Bio: Chief Executive Officer at Lotus Leaf Coatings

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Employer: Verge Fund
Bio: Director of Biz Dev/Verge Fund, Director of Strategy/ABQid, NM Startup Champion - Investor Focused, Stewardship Queen, Animal Advocate, Vegan, Wine lover!

Title: Program and Staff Manager in Entrepreneurship
Employer: Kauffman Foundation
Bio: KC Chiefs, entrepreneurs, entertainment

Title: Executive Director
Employer: Colorado Clean Energy Cluster

Title: Program Manager
Employer: Imagine H20
Bio: Program Manager at Imagine H2O

Title: Assistant Director
Employer: Energy Institute at Powerhouse Energy Campus
Bio: The EECL mission: to create innovative energy solutions and entrepreneurial models that benefit the human condition and achieve global impact.

Title: New Ventures Development
Employer: STC.UNM
Bio: New Ventures Manager @stcunm. Interests in economic development, entrepreneurship, microbreweries, running & how all those together can better the community

Title: CEO
Employer: Breakthru Center
Bio: Co-founder at Engage-US Communications

Title: President
Employer: New Mexico Angels
Bio: President New Mexico Angels

Title: Founder and CEO
Employer: Bright Bot, Inc.
Bio: Entrepreneur and Creative Thinker

Title: Executive Director
Employer: SAGE

Title: Director of Business Development
Employer: Riverside
Bio: Director of Business Development and Marketing

Title: Vice President - Renewables & Environmental Markets
Employer: Camco Clean Energy

Title: Chief Development Officer
Employer: Water for People

Title: CEO
Employer: Rocky Mountain Innosphere
Bio: CEO at the Innosphere

Title: CEO & CTO
Employer: Vairex Air Systems

Title: CTO
Employer: Open Water Foundation

Title: Environmental regulatory Specialist
Employer: City of Fort Collins

Title: Director and Practice Leader: Water Strategy, Social Impact Practice
Employer: Deloitte Consulting

Title: Professor
Employer: Colorado School of Mines and Colorado State University

Title: Director of Impact
Employer: Sonen Capital

Title: Strategic Advisor
Bio: Retired Federal and Military

Title: Vice President
Employer: Colorado Angel Investors

Title: Partner, IP Attorney
Employer: Peacock Myers, PC
Bio: Patent Attorney at Peacock Myers, P.C. and Owner, Peacock Myers, P.C.