Announcing: Impact Investing in Action, May 2012

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The following blog post was written by Ross Baird, Executive Director of Village Capital.

In addition to running educational cohorts around the world, here at Village Capital we aim to drive deals in, and bring awareness to, the early stage impact investing sphere. As part of that mission, we’re partnering with Nicaragua-based Agora Partnerships, to launch Impact Investing in Action.

What: Impact Investing in Action is a global marketplace designed to showcase 25 exceptional entrepreneurs from Central America, Mexico and Atlanta, and match these world-changing small businesses with investment opportunities. The goals of this gathering are two-fold:

1. Connect entrepreneurs with investors and deliver capital to the 25 outstanding entrepreneurs from Central America, Mexico, and Atlanta. Entrepreneurs from both Agora’s flagship Accelerator Program and Village Capital’s Atlanta cohort will be pitching to global impact investors.

2. Foster the development of the greater impact investment community, which seeks to generate financial returns while also creating social and environmental value. This includes attracting and educating new members of the early-stage impact investing community, and expanding the boundaries of the industry as it stands.

Who: The entrepreneurs of Agora’s Accelerator class will join VilCap’s Atlanta cohort to present their businesses to an audience from all sectors of the impact investing world, including investment funds, foundations, academia, and global development agencies.

When: May 22-25, 2012

Where: Goizueta Business School, Emory University – Atlanta, GA

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