From Atlanta: Ballers Bridge’s Village Capital Experience and StartX

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The following blog post was written by Gerald Cannon, an entrepreneur from the Atlanta program.

We were incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to Village Capital and their Atlanta program. As a first time entrepreneur, I came to Village Capital with our venture, Ballers Bridge, at a very critical stage. At the time, I was struggling to find reliable resources to help us grow our business, and had exhausted my network for help. We’ve seen so many businesses with good ideas fail because they don’t have the resources and support to guide them through tough decisions, especially in the early stages. Having an accelerator program like Village Capital helping seed-stage ventures is one way to save good ideas from failing by providing mentorship, an outstanding network to investors, and an invaluable skill set. Our acceptance into Village Capital was a major turning point for the development of our startup, Ballers Bridge.

The entire 10-week program was an amazing learning experience. Village Capital surrounded us with a knowledgeable, passionate, and energetic group that made sure every question or need was addressed. The experience carried over to the speakers and mentors that the program provided. We were privileged enough to hear experienced guest speakers such as Arthur Blank, the co-founder of Home Depot and the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, and Bob Patillo, the founder of Gray Ghost. Additionally, the mentors provided us with a wealth of knowledge that was incredibly useful to growing our business. The support we received, in turn, made all the companies work harder, because we understood how fortunate we were to have such great people surrounding us, all of whom were willing to invest their time and energy to help us sort through some of our most challenging issues.

After Village Capital, we felt that our venture was ready to take the next step, as we felt that we had formed a strong foundation that could support our growth strategy. Now, my business partner, Armand, and I are currently taking part in “StartX”, an accelerator program in Palo Alto, California. The support from Village Capital continues to stretch here in Palo Alto due to the hands-on experience, the strategies we used from our peer review sessions, and the incredible mentorship we received during our time in the Atlanta Village Capital program.

Ballers Bridge is in a better place thanks to the help that Village Capital provided. As we grow to become the number one destination for athletes around the world, I will always stress the importance of good, socially impactful accelerator programs like Village Capital.

I am truly thankful for all that Village Capital has done and continues to do! We are hopeful as Ballers Bridge moves into its growth stage and we keep learning from unbelievable mentors and colleagues in our new Silicon Valley accelerator program.

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